In the late fall of 2015 a Norway maple and and a beech tree had to be removed from Sutton Town Common because the trees were no longer healthy.  Michael Peters, a member of Central New England Woodturners (CNEW) and a resident of Sutton was able to meet with the arborist (also a CNEW member) and save the tree trunks for woodturning instead of having the wood converted into mulch and firewood.  Beth and I were able to get several small sections of both trees.  We will post photos on this page as we complete pieces so that interested Sutton residents can see what is available if they would like to obtain a bowl, peppermill, box or ornament to remind them of the Sutton Town Common trees. The beech tree had beautiful heartwood that is a mixture of light brown and dark brown shades as you can see in the photos.  The sapwood of the beech is a creamy color.  The Norway maple also has light sapwood and dark heartwood, which is most obvious in the two-tone peppermill. All the bowls were finished with boiled walnut oil, which creates a hard, food safe finish, so the bowls could be used as salad bowls or fruit bowls.