The burls that grow on eucalyptus trees in Australia are harvested without damaging the tree. These burls make nice winged bowls due to the dramatic burl figure. Some eucalyptus burls, like the gimlet winged bowl, have a honeycomb of pitch pockets that form interesting patterns. The gimlet burl in the bottom row had few pitch pockets and burl eyes, but has a wide range of different shades of brown and dark red wood. Red mallee, morel, vasticola and coolibah burls have a dramatic color contrast between the red heartwood and the cream colored sapwood. Eucalyptus burls may have internal checks that occur when the burl dries or voids caused by insect damage. In some cases, I fill the small cracks with crushed turquoise (coolibah burl bowl) but leave the larger voids caused by insects unfilled (Red Morrell burl bowl).

Photos of new eucalyptus burl bowls will be added later in 2023.

Selected bowls that are no longer available